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QuickBoostⓇ Utrai Portable Car Jump Starter with Powerbank

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This car jump starter delivers 1600 amps peak current and has many functions. It has a portable high capacity lithium-ion battery of 16000mAh, which can get a car going again in seconds. This jumper will stand the test of time and is well suited for repeated professional use. It’s robust and insulated case, compact size and the ability to start an empty car battery over 40 times with a single charge make it an indispensable companion. This bad boy will not disappoint you, even if you forget to recharge it for a longer time.

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Portable jump start charger with 16000 mAh storage capacity.
Easy to use with a protective and well thought-out design and a safety hammer.
Peak current of 1600A ensures a successful jump start in just a few seconds.
Ready for use in extreme weather conditions of cold or heat.
Adaptable to a wide range of vehicles from cars to motorcycles.
Functions as an energy bank and can charge your other battery powered devices.

Built To Keep You Safe And Prepared



3 different light modes including Normal, Flash mode and SOS mode.


With a peak current of 1600A it is suitable for engines up to 7.0L petrol or 6.5L diesel.


At 16,000 mAh it can recharge a 5.0 litre vehicle up to 40 times with a single charge.


At 18 x 9 x 4 cm it is small enough to fit anywhere in your car and take it with you on your trip.


Complete protective housing ensures safe use in cold or heat.


Insulated thick handles and frost-proof clips of pure copper.


Works as an energy bank and can also charge your home and handheld devices.


Built with waterproof and fireproof materials and equiped with a safety hammer.

Resistant to Heat and Cold

High-performance lithium battery operates failure-free under extreme temperature conditions from -20°C to +60°C. The battery won’t let you down, no matter what the weather is like outside.

With Electricity Through Emergency Situations On The Road

Insulated robust handles and frost-proof terminals of pure copper ensure an uninterrupted electrical connection. Additionally, inbuilt smart protection will ensure you can not harm the vehicle in any way.

This product is shipped from our US warehouse and delivered within 5 days.


How Does It All Work?

Connect the jumper cables to the portable jumper starter.

Connect the battery terminals correctly to the positive (+) and negative (-) ends.

When the green light is lit on the jump start device, you can start the car.

After the car has started, remove the clamps and the jump start device.


Jump starting a normal car is possible up to 40 times with a single charge.

Wide Adaptability For Most Vehicles

Inbuilt Window Breaker

In an unfortunate case of a car accident – be prepared. Smash your way through the windows with the safety hammer and escape the vehicle.

Family And Friends Offer

Take the chance to get a discount by buying several units for your loved ones. Your second car also counts as a friend with us.

1x Jump Starter$119

  • $119 instead of $166
  • $119 per unit
  • Coupon not necessary

2x Jump Starter$109

  • $218 instead of $332
  • $109 per unit
  • Coupon = jumper2

Multifunctional Product

When not used as a starting device, it can be used as a power storage unit to charge your smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The device has a built-in intelligent recognition function. When there is no load or when charging is complete, the jump starter will automatically turn itself off to save power.

This depends on the battery capacity of your mobile phone, but usually you can charge it about 7 times.

If you keep the device in your car only for emergencies, it can last for decades. If you use it daily, the unit can be used for 3-5 years. This period is similar to that of a mobile phone and is related to the limitations of lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have a lifetime of about 500 discharges.

Due to the optimized electrical circuit design of the jump starter, the battery charge can be maintained for up to 6-12 months after a full charge.

Do not store the device for long periods of time when the battery life is low. To prolong battery life, it is recommended to charge the unit every three months.

If the unit needs to be used after prolonged storage, check the battery indicator to ensure that the indicator lights are illuminated.

Otherwise, charge the unit before using it to start a car.

With a peak current of 1600A it is suitable for engines up to 7.0L petrol or 6.5L diesel.

This product is shipped from our US warehouse and delivered within 5 days or a few days more if your location is remote.